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engineering the circular economy

CEMAC technologies offers a high level of engineering experience and proven technologies for the Circular Economy. With focus on material resources, we offer over two decades of experience in Resource-Recovery, Plant Engineering and Equipment Design. Creating value for businesses and communities, we tailor cutting edge solutions incorporating the most up to date technologies.


machinery solutions / technologies

The CEMAC team combines the experience of supplying over 100 sorting machines into Australia and New Zealand in a range of applications. We sort plastics, glass, metal, paper, wood, compost and other materials. CEMAC is the reliable partner for any sensor sort application.

The Neue Herbold Washing from Germany are well proven and robust. Combining engineering and process know how is critical for a successful wash plant. The Neue Herbold wash plants range from simple wash rinse, to agricultural film and container for food grade.

Plastics Repelletizing / recycling

EREMA is the world's number one in developing and manufacturing plastics recycling and repalletizing machines. With more than 5.000 of EREMA systems in operation worldwide, EREMA machines produce more than 14 million tonnes of highest quality plastics pellets every year.  

PLASMAC ALPHA recycling extruder

PLASMAC is the ideal supplier of reliable plastics recycling and trim conveying systems. Offering innovative and cost effective recycling technologies to the plastics processing and recycling sector, PLASMAC provides machines that are well proven and recognised for their efficiency worldwide. With an attractive return on investment, PLASMAC is suitable even for blown film manufacturers with 1 or 2 lines and will generate positive revenue from day one.

Shredding, crushing, granulating

Weima is the world leader for shredding, chipping and briquetting solutions. For over 30 years, Weima have successfully supplied shredding and briquetting machines for all type of applications. When it comes to shredding, “Made in Germany” stands for reliability and toughness.

Shredding, crushing, granulating

The German build Neue Herbold Granulators are tough, well proven and reliable. Featuring easy screen changes and knife adjustments, low power consumption and ease of maintenance, the Neue Herbold machines are the preferred solution for the experienced recycler.


The Spaleck Vibratory Waste Screens are purpose build and designed to screen the difficult waste and recycling materials. Spaleck leads the industry with the 3D Waste and the flip-flow screens. Made in Germany, Spaleck screens can tackle all screening applications.


The STADLER® screening drum is well known to separate materials effectively into different sizes as well as achieving a uniform mix. Build to last, the screening drums are available in various sizes with different-sized perforations to suit various throughput and material compositions.

Ballistic Separation

The STADLER® ballistic separator is the most efficient solution for separating 2D and 3D materials. Stadler pioneered the ballistic separation in the recycling. With over 750 ballistic separators sold to date, STADLER® is the worldwide market leader. 

Sorting plants

STADLER® is dedicated to the planning, production and assembly of sorting systems and components for the recycling industry world-wide. With over 250 plants installed, STADLER® stands for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. The Stadler designs guarantee the smooth running of every project.


The Westeria Airstar Windsifters stand for effective and reliable separation of heavies and lights. With a range from 1 m to 3 m width, optimised air flow, ease of adjustment and maintenance, the Airstar is designed to handle the heaviest materials.


The Weima briquette presses press wood, particle board, metal and other materials into the densest briquettes. With a range of machines available, these can be used for fuel or simply control dust and reduce waste and transport costs.

Baling of recyclables

Macpresse balers are amongst the most robust baling machines on the market and achieve the highest output of recyclables. Ranging from small up to over 50 tonnes per hour, the Macpresse balers are sturdy, easy to operate and maintain. 

Baling of Waste

Mapresse pioneered the waste baling. With over 30 years experience in baling the most difficult waste materials, Macpresse balers have paved a more efficient way to manage waste materials. The machines achieve the highest density and lowest cost of waste transport and landfilling.

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engineering services

engineering services

Process Design Engineering & Consultancy

The CEMAC team has over 2 decades experience in engineering solutions for the circular economy. With focus on resource recovery and recycling technologies, CEMAC is at the forefront of closing the loop from product usage into resource for new applications. Applications include for example Material Recovery Facilities, all Sensor Sorting process, Sorting of paper, wood, metal and plastics, Plastics Washing and Plastics extrusion. 

Machinery Selection and Scoping

Identifying and specifying the right machine in a process is crucial for the success of any plant. CEMAC has a proven track record of implementing equipment solutions that are fit for the application and the purpose. 

Business Case Analysis and Modelling

The business case is the foundation for any successful capital project. The CEMAC technologies team has assisted many companies in understanding true costs and profit of investments. CEMAC can break down capital infrastructure into cost benefit analysis, break even points, operational fixed and flexible cost and profitability. 

Peer Reviews

CEMAC technologies offers peer reviews for existing project designs in the interest of due diligence in executing any major project. Peer reviews are highly recommended to minimise risks and maximise industry experience into the project development giving the investment the best chances of success. 

Technology Sourcing & Supply

CEMAC technologies has access to a global network of technology vendors, industry platforms and equipment suppliers. We can offer sourcing and supply of technologies to suit our customers requirements

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