PALLAX – Dust Suppression Specialists

Dust causes nothing but problems for many recycling and general work sites, from reduced separation and poor visibility up to serious health risks and fires. With a simple application the PALLAX dust suppression system you can get dust under control and have an all-around safer and more effective work site and improved environmental and working conditions.


Most attempts are made to combat the dust with water mist. The disadvantage here is that the surface tension of water makes it difficult to bind with the dust and the droplets are usually too large, which means that a lot of water is needed to achieve a satisfactory result. The excessive use of water, in turn, quickly leads to a dirty environment and moisture problems in the treatment process.


Pallax Air reduces the surface tension of the water, as a result of which the mist produced binds 30-70% more dust. As a result, less water is used and the work environment becomes less dirty. Pallax Air also ensures that the dust remains bound longer. The solution with Pallax Air is easily introduced into the spraying and misting systems.



Pallax Foam is a liquid dust binding agent in the form of a concentrate that is prepared as foam and in this form is for the first time able to bind dust and suspended particles so effectively and consistently that they no longer appear as dust. This is achieved by adding the foam to the dust medium, which binds all dust particles with which it comes into contact in such a way that dust formation is prevented.


The dust binding agent is mixed with air and water in the correct ratio to achieve a suitable foam consistency. This mixed-in foam has a significantly higher dust-binding capacity than water and is also effective for a longer period of time.


The most common method for suppressing dust formation is the spraying of water on the dust-forming material. A disadvantage is that this can lead to moisture problems, which is not the case when using Pallax Foam. In addition, with the conventional method, the water usually evaporates quickly. The foam is effective for up to a month, which means that the material can not only be processed dust-free during the shredding process, but can also be sorted and transported dust-free.

The E-dust does not appear and thus remains in the material flow. So there is no additional - possibly contaminated - waste product that has to be disposed of separately, which is already the case with suction.

Pallax Foam is completely biodegradable, which makes it attractive for many areas of application such as

  • waste wood

  • Construction waste

  • Natural stone processing and quarrying

  • Metal scrap recycling

  • Slag processing

  • Plastics recycling

  • E-scrap

  • Glass recycling and crushing

  • Paper recycling etc