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Process Design Engineering & Consultancy

The CEMAC team has over 2 decades experience in engineering solutions for the circular economy. With focus on resource recovery and recycling technologies, CEMAC is at the forefront of closing the loop from product usage into resource for new applications. Applications include for example Material Recovery Facilities, all Sensor Sorting process, Sorting of paper, wood, metal and plastics, Plastics Washing and Plastics extrusion. 

Machinery Selection and Scoping

Identifying and specifying the right machine in a process is crucial for the success of any plant. CEMAC has a proven track record of implementing equipment solutions that are fit for the application and the purpose. 

Layout Design & Integration Engineering

CEMAC technologies can do detailed plant designs to fit into existing applications, or work with customers to develop completely new green field installations. Designs include 2D plant layout, 3 D modelling and detail design

Business Case Analysys and Modelling

The business case is the foundation for any successful capital project. The CEMAC technologies team has assisted many companies in understanding true costs and profit of investments. CEMAC can break down capital infrastructure into cost benefit analysis, break even points, operational fixed and flexible cost and profitability. 

Technology Assessment

Introducing new technologies into any business can offer significant benefits, productivity increase and various cost savings. However, there are also a number of risks involved, such as emerging and not fully proven technologies, processes and technologies that are not really suitable to the existing operation, limitation of flexibility and of course poor quality machinery with unexpected high downtime. CEMAC assists customers in identifying and evaluating risks attached to any technical infrastructure investment. 

Peer Reviews

CEMAC technologies offers peer reviews for existing project designs in the interest of due diligence in executing any major project. Peer reviews are highly recommended to minimise risks and maximise industry experience into the project development giving the investment the best chances of success. 

Technology Sourcing & Supply

CEMAC technologies has access to a global network of technology vendors, industry platforms and equipment suppliers. We can offer sourcing and supply of technologies to suit the customers requirements

Installation Services

CEMAC can arrange installation and commissioning for machinery into customers plants to suit any circumstances. 

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