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Strautmann - Disposal Technology

Save time & costs with Strautmann baler machines and recycling presses.

AutoLoadBaler: Semi-automatic baler saves time in cardboard and paper waste management

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The AutoLoadBaler revolutionises the disposal process of cardboard boxes in all application areas of retail, logistics and manufacturing.


Time-consuming filling work, which previously had to be done manually, is now carried out mechanically and automatically.


It is no longer the operator but the intelligent system that monitors and controls both the filling of the press and the compaction.

Cardboard Recycling in 3 steps!

1. The employees collect the cardboard with the large-volume collection carts and bring them to the AutoLoadBaler. Here, the carts are exchanged. The filled one is pushed into the machine, with an empty one the work can continue. Neither does the empty cardboard take up space in the store or warehouse, nor is valuable working time needed for filling the baler. Fill the collection cart, push it in, walk away – done!


2. The filling and pressing process of the baler starts automatically and the employee can perform other work. The slowly moving rotors transport the cardboard into the bale chamber. When the chamber is full, the pressing process starts automatically. It takes up to 70 full collection carts, to press a direct saleable bale weighing up to 430 kg.


3. Once the bale is ready, it can be tied and placed on a pallet for removal. It is no longer necessary to press over small bales to large bales at the disposal company. The bales are transported directly to the recycler.


AutoLoadBaler paper baler results in the following advantages for you and your company in contrast to conventional balers:

  • Compaction of large quantities of cardboard and paper

  • even more time savings during disposal

  • different versions for different requirements

  • low risk of injury due to omission of pre-crushing/pre-pressing

  • Protecting employee health through less overtime, lower stress levels, and workflows that are easier on the body

  • Concentration of the team on its core tasks

  • higher employee satisfaction for less fluctuation

  • Fast amortization

Advantages of the semi-automatic paper press AutoLoadBaler

  • Reliably presses cardboard and paper volumes

  • 1 hour time saving per 100 kg carton compared to conventional vertical presses

  • Installation close to the point of origin thanks to small footprint

  • easy and safe handling during operation and bale tying

  • automatic filling with material

  • Sales through marketing of recyclable bales

  • Quiet operation


Practical experience and studies show a saving in working time of up to 3 hours and 43.5 minutes per bale.


This corresponds to an increase in productivity of over 800%!

BaleTainer®: Fully automatic baler for large quantities of cardboard, film and PET bottles


Filling variant can be adapted to suit individual operations

With the BaleTainer® from Strautmann, you can compact cardboard, octabins, film or emptied PET bottles and cans conveniently and extremely time-saving.

The use of the fully automatic baler machine handles very large volumes of material, the automated processes result in a significant reduction in workload.


Baletainer® advantages in contrast to conventional balers: 

  • Easy and safe compaction of cardboard, octabins, film and emptied PET bottles

  • Even more time savings during disposal

  • Company-specific designs possible

  • Integration into existing processes

  • Compaction of extremely large-sized waste and very large waste volumes

  • Low risk of injury due to omission of pre-crushing/pre-pressing

  • Protecting employee health through less overtime, lower stress levels, and workflows that are easier on the body

  • Concentration of the team on its core tasks

  • Higher employee satisfaction for less fluctuation

  • Fast amortization

Advantages of the fully automatic baler BaleTainer® 

  • The machine can press material like PET bottles, film, large-volume cardboard boxes and octabins

  • Installation close to the point of origin or outside

  • Easy handling during operation

  • Automatic filling possible in six different ways

  • Fully automatic bale tying

  • Continuous feeding possible 24/7

  • Sales through marketing of recyclable bales

  • Quiet operation

Fully automatic baler with six filling options

Fully automatic balers BaleTainer® can be filled in six different ways, depending on your company’s needs:

  • Filling by hand

  • Filling by forklift truck

  • Filling via a conveyor belt

  • Filling via a ramp

  • Filling via a lift and tilt device

  • Filling through a wall connection

The large filling opening of the BaleTainer® enables company-specific solutions and at the same time swallows large-format cardboard boxes such as octabins without any problems.


“Due to the fact that the BaleTainer® even compacts large cardboard packagings without pre-shredding the risk of accident is considerably reduced. In addition the warehouse is in an atmosphere of order and cleanliness. The direct marketable bales achieve highest revenues and the compaction of cardboard packagings costs much less time thanks to the high throughput and operator friendliness. Kawasaki saves thousands of euros every year.“



Mr. Van Honk, Warehouse Manager Kawasaki Motors Europe N.V

“In the past, our experience with Strautmann was always good. Best bale quality, high degree of operational safety and fast service are the key factors. The BaleTainer® now tops it all: it makes waste disposal extraordinarily economic.”


Mr. Zachau, Project Manager ITG GmbH

JumboLoadBaler: Handling large volume boxes


With its compact design, this machine is more than just a cardboard baler, as it can be set up close to where it is needed, eliminates unnecessary walking distances and streamlines time-consuming processes thanks to the particularly large feed opening and automatic filling of the bale chamber. This effective disposal solution reliably compacts cardboard, paper, octabins, film, PET bottles and beverage cans.

What distinguishes the JumboLoadBaler from conventional cardboard balers?

Convenient compaction without pre-shredding. Depending on the quantity, requirements and structure of your recycling process, the JumboLoadBaler can be filled automatically or manually. The large filling opening combined with a compact design allows filling even with thick-walled and oversized cardboard packaging – without pre-shredding! The feed unit automatically conveys the material to the rotor, which transports it into the bale chamber after pre-compaction. As soon as this is filled, compaction starts automatically. When the bale ready message lights up, tie the bale manually and eject it using the hydraulic ejector.

Feeding Variants:

Feeding variants - JumboLoadBaler.png

 JumboLoadBaler has the following advantages compared to conventional vertical and horizontal baler or press containers:

  • Streamlining the disposal process by reducing the handling of recyclable materials

  • Increase productivity by up to 400%

  • Large chute for depositing large volumes of recyclables

  • Promoting employee health by ergonomically improved work processes

  • ROI is usually achieved after less than 2 years

  • Significantly fewer truck journeys for the benefit of the environment and your wallet compared to waste recycling without a JumboLoadBaler

Advantages of the JumboLoadBaler:

  • Suitable for various recyclable materials

  • Compaction of bulky and thick-walled cardboard packaging possible without any problems

  • Large feed chute: perfect for inserting large-volume materials

  • Optionally with manual or automatic filling - possible at ground and loading dock levels for manual feed

  • No manual pre-shredding – for more safety and time savings

  • High throughput: up to two bales = up to 900 kg per hour

  • Compact design for flexible machine installation

  • Installation of the machine directly on site for maximum efficiency

  • Highly compressed, directly marketable bales

  • Space-saving storage of the bales and easy transportation

  • Profitable marketing directly to recycling companies and disposal firms without additional intermediaries

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