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WEIMA's Puehler - Highly Efficient
Dewatering and Compression Presses

An economical solution for filled or empty packaging such as cans, plastic bottles, tubes, yogurt pots is here. The WEIMA - PUEHLER addresses scrap material and food and beverage waste created when incorrect packaging, incorrect labels, and breakages occur in production phases. The machines also provide draining and compression of packaging waste such as used labels and have applications in waste water treatment facilities to drain and compress removed fine parts.

The WEIMA - PUEHLER series contains label presses, can presses, recycling and packaging presses, rework presses, and chip presses. Highly efficient machines for businesses and facilities looking to reduce liquid weight and volumes to save on waste management costs. 

Drain, shred and compress filled packaging in one step! That is, dewater, separate waste streams (liquid, labels, packaging) and compact cans and containers. 

Installation only requires a water connection and is designed for minimal down time thanks to hydraulic oil cooling using the heat exchanger method. This is more hygienic and does not need cleaning. The water can be repurposed to dilute extruded material and minimize foam development.

Images: WEIMA


DeWater by up to 99%

Compress material up to 90%

  • Affordable / low investment cost

  • Compact Footprint– approx. 3 m x 1.5 m only

  • Hygienic design - stainless steel execution

  • Minimal energy requirement

  • Simple, flexible installation

  • High through-put: up to approx. 3000 cans/h of 330 ml can size

  • Save on waste disposal

  • Drained seperated liquid can be re-worked


PUEHLER_G_300_rework_spain (15).jpg

Perforating rollers for gentle opening of packages

drain foodpro.jpg

Perforated chamber walls that can be individually adapted to material properties


WEIMA - Puehler - DeWater

The dewatering machines are simple to operate and require minimal maintenance. They can be installed and customised for any production line. With the recovered output, high-quality goods can be produced again.

Key Features;

  • Large Hopper - manual conveyor feed or with a lifting and tipping device

  • Post-Cleaning - discharge tube can be equipped with post-cleaning device for more pure output discs

  • Optimized Fluid Removal - automatic switch off when drain or containers are full

  • Individual Sieve Sizing - sieve that separates mass from packaging is configured to suit (options from 4-12mm)

  • Gentle Opening - adjustable perforating rollers for to avoid bursting 

  • User Friendly - no dismantle required with the Cleaning-in-Place piping. The press has 5 maintenance hatches for easy service access and cleaning.

WEIMA Puehler drain and compression series


To ensure the long-term use of the WEIMA PUEHLER G Recycling series, high-quality stainless steel is used.


This protects the machine body and the control cabinet from wear and corrosion while simultaneously remaining low-maintenance and hygienic.

WEIMA - Puehler - Press


Key Features;

  • Clean, Dimensionally Stable Discs - material is pressed between the press ram and a slide plate. Extremely maintenance-friendly and resistant to any impurities or wear

  • High Throughput - can be equipped with double-pump hydraulics to double the return speed of press stamp and increase throughput

  • No Conveyor Required - curved discharge tube can be extended up to 5m to allow material to fall directly into a container with no belt


Images: WEIMA

Puehler Press by WEIMA outputs for plastics and cans


 With dewatering and subsequent compaction, cans can be compressed by up to 90%.

Controlling WEIMA - PUEHLER

The high-quality Siemens PLC control can be operated intuitively via the touch display. Parameters such as the pressing time, pressing force or the re-pressing function can be adjusted quickly and flexibly. Upstream and downstream processes can also be conveniently controlled via networking in the PROFINET system. 

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