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With a passion for sustainability, we supply machinery and engineering for todays evolving recycling industry. Meeting increasing automation and purity demands, we cover the world’s leading technologies and know-how for Optical Sorting, Screening, Shredding, Windsifting, plastics washing and plastics recycling. Applications include sorting and processing of all solid materials such as plastics, metals, glass, timber and organics.

Material streams include kerbside collection and Single Stream, Commercial & Industrial Wastes, Residual Waste, Construction & Demolition wastes, Post Consumer Wastes etc.


Sensor based sorting

Sensor based sorting is the key to a successful Circular Economy. Only through the variation of suitable sensor technologies, can the true process capacity go beyond the manual sorting limitations.  Also, increasing labour rates and the OH&S considerations, make Sensor based sorting the right solution for any new plant or upgrades. CEMAC technologies works with the world market leader in Sorting applications – TOMRA. Utilising a range of scanning technologies including Near Infra Red, Colour, Visual, Infra Red, Laser, induction, X-ray transmissoin and X-ray fluorescence and LED, we can offer the right technology for almost any task.



Plastic Washing

CEMAC technologies works with leading European wash plant suppliers to deliver the most suitable solution to our customers needs.  

The product range starts from individual components for washing processes, such as centrifuges, dryers, friction washers, washing tanks etc, right through to turnkey plant integrations from film and bulk bags to food grade hot wash solutions suited for PET and HDPE.

Plastics Repelletizing / recycling

EREMA offers high end solutions for post industrial and post consumer plastics recycling. Applications include almost all plastic materials. EREMA is also leading in food grade recycling applications from sheet to Bottle to Bottle.


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EREMA plastics repelletizing

Plastics recycling and trim conveying systems

PLASMAC’s ALPHA recycling extruder uses a unique Short Screw Technology (SST), which is based around a dual diameter 8:1 L/D ratio screw. The waste material is directly fed on to the screw meaning no prior size reduction is required, due to
this little or no dust is produced which means a higher quality pellet is produced with the lowest levels of gels possible. The S.S.T. ensures low shear, runs at low melt temperatures and therefore guarantees an absolute minimum of material degradation. With the minimal power consumption & the highest output / kW of installed power in the market, the ALPHA is giving lower running cost and therefore the quickest return on investment.

Further the ALPHA is the smallest footprint recycling machine available on the market.

The larger OMEGA range features the unique direct shredding-extrusion combination. The waste material is fed in to the slow rotating shredder. The unique screen design ensures minimal heat and dust resulting in higher quality pellet with the lowest levels of gels possible. Combined with the low shear, low melt temperatures, the OMEGA guarantees an absolute minimum of material degradation.

The slow rotating shredder technology and unique screen design requires no cooling water of the rotor or transfer system to the extruder and hence reduces maintenance and costs.


Shredding, crushing, granulating

WEIMA is known worldwide for its high standards when it comes to quality. The WEIMA shredders and briquette presses are steady, reliable and economic. And in terms of innvovation, WEIMA constantly raises the bar. With over 1200 machines produced each year, WEIMA clearly solves the worlds size reduction problems.​



The German build NEUE HERBOLD SM series granulators are specially designed for all universal types of applications.


The SM series is designed for versatile use and considered a all round granulator for today’s recycler.


SM series granulators are designed with rotor and stator knives that are counter angled to each other producing a true scissors type cutting action. This design results in a cleaner more uniform granulate and reduced heat build up in the granulate. Double angle cut also reduces noise emissions and energy consumption. All knives are straight sharpening and require no special knife sharpening fixture.




Leading recycling companies throughout the world trust the SPALECK recycling waste screen. But also in Australia, CEMAC technologies has supplied many machines for various screening tasks and can vouch for the durability and strength of the machines supplied. 

The well engineered design ensures reliabality in any 24/7 operation and gives optimum screening quality and performance.


Choosing the SPALECK screens puts you on the safe side even with the most difficult materials.



With hundreds of the STADLER screening drums installed, the are very few manufacturers that can compete with the quality in design. Some of the key feautures include:

  • Solid machine body

  • Sturdy sectional base frame

  • Bilateral drum bearings

  • Tub, hood, infeed, screened material and overflow chutes

  • Infeed and discharge openings

  • Maintenance openings for service and repairs

  • Dust protection capsule

  • Speed sensing switch

  • Connection for suction device



Ballistic Separation

The STADLER® Ballistic Separator

With over 750 ballistic separators sold to date, STADLER® is a worldwide market leader.  Effective sorting of material stream begins with the STADLER® ballistic separator. The sorting takes place in three different fractions:


  • Rolling and heavy materials, e.g. hollow bodies, plastic bottles, stones, wood, cans and steel sections

  • Flat and light materials, e.g. films, textiles, paper, cardboard boxes and fibrous products

  • Screened fraction – various grit sizes can be separated according to paddle perforation


The machine allows optimal distribution to NIR (near-infrared) acceleration belt directly downstream and also opens up adhesions of material through the aggressive activation. 



Sorting plants

STADLER® Turn-Key Sorting Plants

With over 250 sorting plants and over 800 components sold worldwide, STADLER®: is a market leader for sorting plants for the recycling and waste disposal industry. Each sorting plant works efficiently and is tailored to the customer requirements. STADLER®: takes great care to ensure high-quality materials and offers precision workmanship and professional assembly. 


Some of the applications of Stadlers sorting plants include:

  • Light packaging material 

  • Paper and cardboard 

  • Refuse-derived fuel 

  • Film 

  • Municipal solid waste 

  • Commingled 

  • Plastic bottles 

  • Industrial waste 

  • Construction waste / bulky waste 

  • Recycling woods for the chipboard industry




A powerful method to separate heavy and light materials is what sets the patented Westeria® windsifter technology apart. 


In the windsifter, the materials are separated by a process that is divided into three main components: the acceleration belt, the air jet and the windsifter separation drum.


With its uniform and single-layer distribution of the input material, which is distributed homogeneously across the entire width of the windsifter and fed to the feeding belt, the windsifter achieves excellent separating results. 


This can be done to split into 2 fractions, or also to retain high-grade recycling raw materials, Westeria® has designed a special windsifter to unerringly sort the input material into three fractions with a high degree of selectivity.


Wagner Non Ferrous Seperator

Efficient Metal Separation

The German company Wagner Magnete is a reputable manufacturer of magnet technologies and is a real pillar of the metal separation industry. Since the company’s foundation in 1935, Wagner Magnete stands for quality, safety, and reliability in manufacturing metal-separating machines.

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The storage and reuse of loose material costs space and money. With a briquette press from WEIMA, you can save on both!

With the WEIMA experience you can be assured to get the most reliable and effective machine for your application. 


Applications include:

  • Joinery wastes including MDF board

  • Waste from window and truss manufacturers

  • metal swarf

  • plastics and paper converters

  • etc


Baling of recyclables

Macpresse balers, plants, shredders and machines are designed and manufactured in Milan, Italy. They are certified and comply with quality and safety international standards. Each new series is designed in detail, to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market and the priorities of the country where the machines will be installed. The Macpresse product lines meet all production requirements:​


  • waste treatment

  • paper recycling

  • plastic recycling

  • biomass

  • logistics

  • agriculture


Baling of Waste

Macpresse balers for waste treatment were designed to handle municipal solid waste (MSW), unsorted solid waste with organic material, industrial waste and refuse derived fuel.

The machines efficiently reduce the material volumes and allows significant cost savings in transport, litter management and landfilling. 

Waste baling provides advantages in terms of logistics, of landfill lifetime and environmental safety.

The Macpresse balers can also be equipped with wrapping machines that reduce odor and leachate spilling, as such increasing environmental safety of landfills.



Coarse Shredding

HAAS Recycling have been manufacturing durable and robust shredding and conveying technology since 1989.

Their TYRON coarse shredder is amongst the most reliable and effective machines on the market.   Available as stationary and complete mobile solutions, the machine features two independent shafts driven by individual hydraulic systems.

For secondary and tertiary shredding the ARTHOS Hammermill range features easy screen change, fully flexible hammer configurations and removal of hard contaminants via the well proven ballistic chute.

With many years experience especially in wood waste and organic waste recycling, HAAS offers the full set of solutions including material handling and storage solutions.