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Focus on safety: HAAS pre-shredder for industrial waste at AVG Resourcen GmbH

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Since 2019, the company has already been successfully operating an extensive HAAS processing plant, which has proven to be extremely reliable and plays a key role in the recycling of waste wood. In April 2023, we jointly took another significant step by commissioning a brand new pre-shredder, this time with a focus on processing mixed industrial waste.

The HAAS TYRON pre-shredder replaces a previously used competitor's machine.

The customer´s special requirement was the integration of the shredder as "bag ripper" to prepare and separate material for further processes and subsequent plant technology. The focus here is on improved and more efficient processing of mixed industrial waste. The input material for the pre-shredder is diverse. In this case, the desired end product should be rather coarse, ranging from 0 to 300 mm. Driven by two powerful 132 kW motors, the machine is optimally equipped for this application.

The pre-shredder is installed on a robust base frame above the customer's conveyor belt. Particularly worth mentioning is the individually designed hopper, which ensures an efficient material feed. The generous swing-in area facilitates loading by the excavator, the lateral slides on the rear machine area and additional covers prevent pollution and damage.

Individual, advanced equipment features - work safety and maintenance-friendly access.

Special attention has been paid to safety and ease of maintenance. A spacious maintenance platform around the machine allows easy access from all sides and provides sufficient storage space; even for larger tools. To ensure the safety of the employees, the stairway to the maintenance platform has a safety door.

The central lubrication and the operating unit (display) are installed separately near the floor, on a freely accessible wall.

The installation of the new pre-shredder is another step in the long-standing partnership between AVG Resource GmbH and HAAS Recycling-Systems. Through innovative solutions and focused collaboration, we are helping to make everyday operations at AVG Resourcen GmbH more efficient, easier and safer. We are proud to be part of this progress and look forward to further development together.

"With the installation of the new pre-shredder, our input material is optimally prepared for the further treatment process. This allows us to achieve higher recycling rates and reduce the proportion for thermal recycling." Michael Schmidt, Operations Management AVG Resourcen GmbH.

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