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Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH and CEMAC technologies to partner for the Australian Market.


CEMAC technologies is very proud to announce the newly formed partnership, enabling local customers access to Strautmann’s highly automated disposal technology, including in-house baling systems.


With over 30 years of customer focused, quality oriented experience with compaction technologies, in retail, logistics and food and beverage industries, Strautmann machines are the pinnacle of automation and time saving in any retail, commercial and industrial application. The machines are simple to operate, extremely reliable and can be adapted to offer company-specific solutions easily integrated into existing processes.


Australian customers will have access to the supply and service of the highly automated AutoLoadBaler, as well as the Baletainer and the JumboLoadBaler. With the ability to press material such as PET bottles, film, large volume carboard boxes and more on a continuous feeding cycle, recyclables can be compacted and baled on-site to increase recovery and reduce waste disposal costs with a fraction of the manual labour normal presses need.


CEMAC technologies Pty Ltd offers a high level of engineering experience and proven technologies for the Circular Economy to the Australian and New Zealand markets. With a focus on material resources, CEMAC technologies combines over three decades of experience in supplying Resource-Recovery Plant Design, Engineering and Equipment. The partnership with Strautmann further strengthens the market position of CEMAC technologies to provide global expertise to local clients, whether it be for in-house, small scale time and cost saving technologies or large recycling plants and processing facilities.


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