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Shredding, Crushing, Granulating

WL4 Shredder by WEIMA

The WL 4 single-shaft shredder has proven to be the classic shredder for wood waste of all kinds, and can be found in thousands of woodworking shops all over the world.


The global popularity of this shredder series assures high reliability at a competitive price to performance ratio. These machines set themselves apart from other machines of their size and type due to their robust construction, giving them a longer life cycle.


  • Precise cut with high throughput with profiled V rotor with low maintenance costs

  • No material bridges due to free-cutting hopper design

  • Durable rotor bearings thanks to offset design

  • Safe material feed with load-controlled ram

  • Homogeneous shredding results thanks to flexible, interchangeable screen

  • Optimally protected hydraulics installed in the machine frame

  • Clean discharge of material by suction, screw or conveyor belt

  • Efficiently absorb vibrations with stable rubber feet

  • Powerful drive with WEIMA WAP gearboxes

  • WL4 Shredder by WEIMA
    WEIMA Shredder shears

    Images: WEIMA

    PowerLine Shredders by WEIMA

    The PowerLine takes on any form of waste, including dirty materials. It is ideal as a secondary shredder in multi-stage systems: after sorting the material out that is not ideal for the production of RDF, the valuable material remains and is ready for further size reduction.


    This machine comes equipped with a hydraulic drive, a direct drive, or a power belt drive.


  • Flexible adjustment of cutting parameters with Siemens S7 PLC control

  • Plenty of space for maintenance work thanks to hydraulic inspection flap

  • Consistently high-quality cuts with SuperCut cutting gap adjustment

  • Load-dependent feeding for maximum throughput with swing ram

  • Always lubricated bearings thanks to automatic central lubrication

  • Secure footing on any terrain with level, heavy duty feet

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    WEIMA WPL 2500 Shears
    WPL 2500 Installed

    RotorShredder by BHS-Sonthofen

    Shreds, separates and isolates materials.  

    Impact, shock and shearing forces results in selective size reduction. Particle sizes are selectively reduced, composite materials are separated, brittle-hard materials are finely shredded, metals are exposed and cleaned and entangled materials are separated. 

    Simple Tools


    • Multiple hammers mounted one on top of each other on a vertical shaft

    • No need to adjust or sharpen tools due to optimized design



    • Disaggregation of a large number of input materials

    • Possible to influence the intensity and selectivity of feed material processing with adjustable machine parameters

    • Sound investment for the future

    Continuous operation


    • Facilitates efficient integration into an end-to-end process

    • Short retention time for feed material in the machine to avoid excessive transfer of heat into the shredded material (e.g., prevents plastics from melting)

    Discharge of large parts


    • Separate discharge of large individual parts that cannot be shredded thanks to automatic slide feed

    Low maintenance requirements


    • Excellent access to interior of machine through two large doors

    • Easy to replace screwed-on wear parts



    • Optional large flywheel available

    • Automatic handling of short-term mechanical or electrical load peaks

    • Avoids spikes in power use and large costs associated with this

    Applications; Electrical, slag, metals

    Rotorshredder by BHS Sonthofen
    Rotorschredder drawing BHS Sonthofen

    Images: BHS-Sonthofen

    Universal Shredder by BHS-Sonthofen

    High speed single-shaft machine designed for pre and post cutting. It shreds loaded material to a size between 10 and 120mm.

    • Quick and simple screen replacement for changing protection classes of shred material

    • Precision made blades that are easy to adjust and replace

    • V-belt drive with wide rotational speed range of 80 to 240 RPM

    • Automatic shutdown if impurities are detected

    • Continuous material supply thanks to load-dependent push-in unit

    • Minimal downtime – easy to remove impurities, stocked spare parts, short maintenance times

    • Low processing costs per metric tonne

    Applications; Cables, plastics, file and data destruction.

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