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Macpresse – Sorting & Baling


Macpresse Waste Sorting Plants

Designed to maximise the deferral of recyclables from landfill or waste-to-energy plants, Macpresse sorting plants can process and recover materials including paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, municipal solid waste and industrial waste. 

Increased recovery of recyclables and efficient baling, extends landfill lifetimes by over 30%.  All plants can be customized according to the demands of each individual customer and are of a modular type, in order to reproduce the plant in scale. In this way it will be easier and faster to cope with increasing quantities of waste collected. They can be modified to accommodate and manage higher workloads and on request can be equipped with:

  • manual and/or automatic sorting with optical readers

  • rotating drum screens

  • disc screen for the separation of waste paper

  • ballistic separators

Sorting Plants for Recyclable Materials

Macpresse have been manufacturing waste sorting plants for more than 50 years, with outputs ranging from 10 to 50 ton/h and with more than 1,000 plants installed in more than 50 countries.

Material applications;

  • all secondary raw materials


  • paper and aluminium

Sorting Plants for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Macpresse sorting plants for municipal solid waste process: paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminium, ferrous and non-ferrous materials. They process and transform the organic fraction of waste, by separating the dry part from the wet one. In this way secondary raw materials can be recycled, reducing the volume of MSW.

Sorting Plants for Industrial Waste

Industrial waste contains a high percentage of recyclable materials, such as paper, cardboard, PET, plastic film, aluminium.  With Macpresse plants they can be sorted, minimizing operating costs, ensuring savings in energy consumption and optimizing transport and storage of recovered materials.


Macpresse waste sorting plants are modular plants and therefore they easily adapt to the material to be treated: they can be expanded in scale to quickly conform to all changes regarding the quantity of treated materials.

Balers and Plants for Waste Treatment

Sorting and baling of municipal solid waste, industrial waste, refuse derived fuel

Macpresse plants and balers for waste treatment were designed to sort municipal solid waste (MSW), unsorted solid waste with organic material, industrial waste and refuse derived fuel.

The machines efficiently recover materials contained in this waste including PET, HDPE, cardboard, paper, aluminium. These are collected and can be subsequently baled to be processed to generate new raw materials.


Balers can also be equipped with wrapping machines that reduce odor and leachate spilling, increasing environmental safety of landfills.


Material applications;


  • MSW

  • RDF

Dewatering and Baling Plant

Macpresse Plant and Balers for Plastic Recycling


Optimisation of Costs and Volumes From Collection to Transport

Macpresse balers for plastic recycling easily adapt to all types of material to be baled: PET, HDPE, big bags, rigid plastic, plastic film and mixed plastics. Macpresse plants for sorting and baling these materials are equipped with bag openers and storage bunker so as to store the plastics according to the type.

Macpresse designed a baling and cutting system for plastic materials that optimises storage and transportation costs. The most efficient way to bale plastics is producing high density bales with dimensions that allow to make the best use of the available volume on the most common methods of transport, such as trucks and containers. This allows to minimize the free space on the means of transport and to reach the maximum transportable weight.

The blades of Macpresse balers for plastic materials are V-shaped to ensure perfect integrity on the upper surface of the bale. In this way, bales can be stocked in multiple vertical rows.

Material applications;

  • PET

  • HDPE





Macpresse Balers and Plants for Paper Recycling

Efficiency and High Productivity for Paper Merchants, Mills, Box Plants, Printing Plants and Binderies

Macpresse balers can process up to more than 40 tons/hour of paper, and can be equipped with various accessories: conveyors, shredders, fluffers, dust suction systems…


Material applications; 







Paper and Cardboard Baling Macpresse
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