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Macpresse – Baling

Balers for Waste Treatment

Baling of municipal solid waste, industrial waste, refuse derived fuel

Macpresse balers for waste treatment were designed to for municipal solid waste (MSW), unsorted solid waste with organic material, industrial waste and refuse derived fuel.

Balers can also be equipped with wrapping machines that reduce odor and leachate spilling, increasing environmental safety of landfills.


Material applications;


  • MSW

  • RDF

Macpresse Balers;

  • MAC 108L/1

  • MAC 110L/1

  • MAC 110L/2

  • MAC 111L/1

  • MAC 112 XL (mobile available)

Baling and wrapping
Mobile-baler MAC112 XL

Video Summary: Mobile waste baler MAC 112 baling and wrapping MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) with plastic film.


The MAC baling and wrapping system allows you to transfer large amounts of MSW, keeping the transfer station clean. In this video you can see the mobile MAC 112 at work baling and wrapping Municipal Solid Waste which must be wrapped for cargo ship transportation. It can process 50-60 ton/hour: bale weight can reach 900-1000 Kg/m3.


Wrapped bales don't loose leachate and odour, and they can be hauled using common vehicles (no special transportation). The baler can be feed either with hydraulic loaders or with our steel plate conveyors.


Here the main features for this plant:

- Bolted HARDOX plates: 400% longer lasting than standard steel

- Conveyor for collection of leachates and rejects

- Main motors power: 2x120 ho (2x90 Kw)

- Energy saving 30%: compared with traditional electric motors

- Pumps flow capacity: 455+580 L/min (120+153 US Gal/min)

- Hydraulic unit soundproofed

- Main hydraulic pumps: 2 REXROTH variable flow pumps with full regenerative circuit

- Air to oil heat exchanger

- Main cylinder has an oscillating support

- Hinged safety protections

- Mobile tying unit: flexibility of use and optimisation of costs

- High efficiency cutting V blade

Advantages of wrapping bales with plastic film:


  • Clean storage and handling

  • Reduced volume up to 3-4 times for MSW

  • No fermentation

  • No Odour

  • Material properties preservation

  • No fire risk from self ignition

  • Watertight outdoor storage - no special trucks required for transport

Macpresse Balers for Plastic Recycling


Optimisation of Costs and Volumes From Collection to Transport

Macpresse balers for plastic recycling easily adapt to all types of material to be baled: PET, HDPE, big bags, rigid plastic, plastic film and mixed plastics. Macpresse plants for sorting and baling these materials are equipped with bag openers and storage bunker so as to store the plastics according to the type.

Macpresse designed a baling and cutting system for plastic materials that optimises storage and transportation costs. The most efficient way to bale plastics is producing high density bales with dimensions that allow to make the best use of the available volume on the most common methods of transport, such as trucks and containers. This allows to minimize the free space on the means of transport and to reach the maximum transportable weight.

The blades of Macpresse balers for plastic materials are V-shaped to ensure perfect integrity on the upper surface of the bale. In this way, bales can be stocked in multiple vertical rows.

Material applications;

  • PET

  • HDPE





Macpresse Balers;

  • MAC 102

  • MAC 107/2

  • MAC 108/2

  • MAC 110/1








MAC108-2 Baling

Macpresse Balers Paper Recycling

Efficiency and High Productivity for Paper Merchants, Mills, Box Plants, Printing Plants and Binderies

Macpresse balers can process up to more than 40 tons/hour of paper, and can be equipped with various accessories: conveyors, shredders, fluffers, dust suction systems…


Material applications; 







Macpresse Balers;

  • MAC 102

  • MAC106/2

  • MAC 107/2

  • MAC 108/2

  • MAC 110/1

Paper and Cardboard Baling Macpresse
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