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Clean R forges ahead with EREMA’s recycling machine

Industry leader, Clean R, recycles plastics with EREMA’s INTAREMA® TVEplus® recycling system

Clean R recycles an average of 50,000 tonnes of plastics and packaging a year, preventing it from going to a landfill. Recycled waste becomes a lucrative secondary raw material for the production of a variety of products. 1,300 Clean R employees sort 270 000 tonnes of trash annually. Around 25,000 tonnes of materials are recovered by sorting municipal waste at the Getlini landfill in Latvia.

In December 2022, Clean R put the INTAREMA® TVEplus® recycling system from EREMA in operation. They can now process even difficult materials without any problems.

What makes the EREMA INTAREMA® TVEplus® recycling system so special?

The INTAREMA TVEplus® is a patented extruder system. with perfect double filtration, homogenisation of the melt and high-performance degassing to guarantee perfect quality every day.

The features and advantages of the INTAREMA TVEplus® are:

  • Counter Current technology ensures highest process stability, higher flexibility and increased throughputs.

  • Smart Start allows for easy operation.

  • EcoSave lowers energy consumption and reduces CO₂

„The INTAREMA® TVEplus® is a powerful system that saves time and energy. We produce the highest possible quality recycle by consistently pursuing sustainability and innovation. EREMA is a reliable and trusted partner with whom we set the course for the future of recycling,“ Kaspars Fogelmanis, Director of Polyolefins Recycling Plant, LLC Clean R.

Which materials are processed with the EREMA’s INTAREMA® TVEplus®?

Clean R provides a full range of waste management services. They recycle post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste. Among these are:

  • HDPE – High-density polyethylene: All types of cans, drums, bottle caps, pipes, waste containers, barrels, gas tanks, car bumpers and I.B.C. containers

  • LDPE – Low-density polyethylene: Transparent and coloured film, agriculture film, construction film and LDPE pipes.

  • PP – Polypropylene: Big bags, buckets and bottles

They produce recycled pellets in all colour variations for a variety of new products.

How does the entire recycling process work?

After the receipt of various waste materials, the waste is sorted, washed and dried. Then the waste material is shredded and processed for palletisation with the INTAREMA® TVEplus® recycling system.

According to Kaspars Fogelmanis, “Clean R’s plastic recycling plant is the most cutting-edge site in the Baltics. The plant introduces the principles of a circular economy in Latvia by turning waste into a resource. It is also a contribution to the European Union’s Green Deal, which we are committed to as a country and society.”

For which applications are the produced pellets used for?

Customers of Clean R manufacture a wide range of products made of recycled pellets. These range from various film products, such as stretch, shrink, mulch and silage films, to irrigation and corrugated and high-pressure pipes. Further products are containers, such as tubs, bottles, barrels and crates. All these applications require recycled pellets that meet the highest quality specifications.

Clean R’s product portfolio covers all basic production technologies used in the plastic industry.

Quality management through the entire process

Clean R’s quality management starts from the very first stage when the raw material enters the plant and continues through the entire recycling process until the delivery of the produced pellets. Clean R continues to pursue environmentally friendly solutions.

Article by EREMA Group 1.09.2023

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