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Recycling of lithium-ion batteries by BHS-Sonthofen

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Opportunities, challenges and processes at a glance

Lithium-ion battery use will continue to surge as electric cars and household and trades equipment move towards renewable energy use.

This will inevitably lead to growth in the volume of used Lithium-ion battery waste. The challenge industry faces is to create an economically viable solution that maintains a safe workplace and environmentally sound outcomes.

Industry must look to extract materials from existing Lithium-ion battery waste and release pressure on raw material sourcing.

Abstract by BHS

Lithium-ion batteries and accumulators enable the flexible use of renewable energy.

Recycling of lithium-ion batteries and accumulators is essential for responsible and economic use of raw

materials, but it is associated with challenges: Sophisticated processes are needed to recover the maximum amount of raw materials in the best possible quality while ensuring the safety of people and the environment. This white paper highlights the status quo, shows process requirements and provides a comparative overview of the extent to which established recycling processes meet these today.

Scope of the White Paper

There are many approaches to recycle batteries. However, the various processes differ significantly in terms of output quality, the energy required, and their environmental footprint.

BHS-Sonthofen provides guidance, compares common processes and answers the following questions in this 24 page white paper.

  • Why is it worthwhile to think about efficient recycling of lithium-ion batteries at an early stage?

  • What incentives are there from an economic, legal and environmental perspective?

  • What makes recycling lithium-ion batteries so technically challenging?

  • What safety risks need to be considered?

  • What requirements must be met for the output material?

  • And how do the different processes compare?

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