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The original Cross-Flow Wind Sifter for all heavy-light separation applications.



  • Highest throughput up to 3 m working width

  • Central point for adjustment of belt position and airflow – optionally automated

  • External drum bearing system eliminating bearing failures

  • Smallest install size with AIRWHEEL™ separation

  • Easy combined with the AIRLIFT™ and the DISC SPREADER

With a working width up to 3m, the AIRSTAR™ can process up to 400m3/hr of material, while the addition of a DISC SPREADER ensures the full working width of the acceleration belt is utilized.

The acceleration belt runs at 3m/s and comes standard with a heavy-duty built-in impact zone, which prevents damage to the load bearing rollers. The automatic belt tracking system keeps the maintenance and belt wear to a minimum.

The modular design and flexibility of the system allows for either 2 or 3 way material splits (heavy, light, extra light), with an adjustable shuttle conveyor after the drum collecting the different density materials.

Alternatively, the extra light material can be separated by using the AIRLIFT™, which sucks the extra lights off an accelerated angled conveyor. This and the use of the AIRWHEEL™ greatly reduces the overall footprint of the machine compared to other options available.

The process is easily and safely observed via the large glass doors and windows located along the full length of the machine.

Hundreds of customers from around the world can confirm that the AIRSTAR™ from WESTERIA delivers what it promises: best separation results, low and easy maintenance, reliability, and durability.

In Australia the WESTERIA machines are supplied, supported, and serviced through CEMAC technologies.


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