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AutoLoadBaler takes care of cardboard, so staff can focus on customer service. In the bustling environments of supermarkets and distribution centres, efficient waste management is crucial for optim

In the bustling environments of supermarkets and distribution centres, efficient waste management is crucial for optimising operations and reducing costs. Strautmann’s AutoLoadBaler offers a game-changing solution tailored specifically for these settings, delivering substantial labour and time savings while enhancing OH&S measures.

The AutoLoadBaler mobile cart simplifies waste collection by eliminating manual handling, with no pre-compaction required. Automation, including bale ejection, expedites the process and enhances workplace safety. This efficiency allows employees to focus on core tasks that boost productivity. The baler's vertical compression maximises space utilisation and the compact design seamlessly integrates into existing workflows without disruption. User-friendly operation requires minimal training, empowering staff and streamlining shift work.

Mr. Bruns, manager of EDEKA Bruns store in Friedrichsfehn, part of Germany’s biggest supermarket chain, shares insights into how this innovative solution is transforming waste management at his store.

"What used to be done manually with a lot of time spent waiting at the press and a lot of running around is now done by the AutoLoadBaler."

"In the past, cardboard packaging was collected on trolleys. The employees had to walk long distances to the press container," he recalls. "The cardboard often fell off the trolleys on the way to the press container and had to be picked up again."

In search of a better solution, they came across the AutoLoadBaler. "We were able to place it directly behind the door in the warehouse," Mr. Bruns says.

Regarding his experiences with the AutoLoadBaler, Mr. Bruns has nothing but praise. "The AutoLoadBaler solves the problems of cardbo

ard disposal in one fell swoop," he exclaims. "No more shredding the cardboard, the customer is not disturbed by cardboard scraps lying around, and we have a clean appearance."

Return on investment can be as short as eight months, depending on throughput. Bruns highlights the efficiency of the AutoLoadBaler at EDEKA, stating, "Sensationally, the cardboard only has to be picked up once. The AutoLoadBaler has already paid for itself…A better return on investment is unimaginable."

Mr. Bruns also appreciates the additional benefits of the AutoLoadBaler. "My personal highlight is when I come in in the morning…there is nothing left in the warehouse, everything has been compressed," he says. "The AutoLoadBaler brings us three major advantages: short distances, clean aisles, and, thanks to the automatic filling system, more time for high-quality activities, such as putting away merchandise, providing advice, and sales.

After all, we want to take care of our customers and not our cardboard."

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