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Self Loading Baler Handles It All

Developed specifically for retail, the AutoLoadBaler offers global markets a time-saving and sustainable solution for cardboard waste. Now CEMAC technologies is bringing the technology to Australia.

There is a lot going on in retail. Labels must be inserted, cash registers covered, and shelves stocked. The list is long. Time spent disposing of large quantities of cardboard waste also takes staff away from the most important element – customers.

The newly formed partnership between CEMAC technologies and Strautmann will focus on Strautmann’s game changing AutoLoadBaler and the fully automatic BaleTainer. Both solutions are unique in the market with the AutoLoadBaler offering up to 2000 hours labour savings for larger retailers. “Strautmann’s innovative baling solutions are a quantum shift for labour reduction as proven over thousands of installations,” says

Eric Paulsen, CEMAC technologies Managing Director. “The AutoLoadBaler sets itself apart as a time-saving and safe cardboard baler by eliminating the manual loading of cardboard into the baler, eliminating the need for manual pre-crushing and by further automating the press cycles. This allows focus on revenue generating activities as opposed to dealing with cardboard at the back of store. “The machine avoids repetitive lift and twist actions that can lead to physical strain and other occupational health and safety issues.”

Germany’s largest supermarket chain, EDEKA Ernst Markt is using the Strautmann AutoLoadBaler to save time, money, and space across its stores.

Bruns is the manager of the EDEKA Bruns store in Friedrichshafn, near Oldenburg. Every year, the store disposes of 40 tonnes of cardboard packaging. What used to be done manually with a lot of time spent waiting at the bale press and a lot of running around is now done by the AutoLoadBaler.

In the past, cardboard packaging was collected on trolleys and employees walked long distances to a press container. The cardboard often fell off the trolleys on the way and had to be picked up again. Outside, the cardboard was thrown into the press container in all weather conditions.

Bruns says the AutoLoadBaler has three major advantages: short distances, clean aisles and, thanks to the automatic filling system, more time for highquality activities, such as putting away merchandise, providing advice and sales. “The AutoLoadBaler solves the problems of cardboard disposal in one fell swoop: no more tearing the cardboard, the customer is not disturbed by cardboard scraps lying around, and we have a clean appearance,” he says.

“We want to take care of our customers, not our cardboard.”

Anja Seger, Deputy Store Manager of the Garching market, agrees one of the biggest disruptions was the numerous walks to the previous press located in the external warehouse. It was not uncommon to lose five-to-ten minutes each time.

The AutoLoadBaler is positioned in the warehouse, which not only shortens walking distances, but the associated collection carts have a larger filling volume, so there is room for more cardboard boxes.

The collection cart itself is pushed into the machine in a matter of seconds. A push of a button and the baler does the rest. No refilling, no manual re pressing.

Floor and storage space are also important in the food retail industry. Thomas Kowalski, Managing Director of EDEKA Kowalski in Gersthofen, was at first sceptical as to whether the semiautomatic baler would fit into the small existing storage space. However, the AutoLoadBaler is designed for in-house recycling and requires less than five square metres, so it can fit into even the smallest of rooms.

It was also important to be able to sell the recyclable cardboard material in a compact bale form that recyclers can use without having to re-process. “It wasn’t just the offtake of the material that was important to me, but also the idea of sustainability,” Thomas says. “The 400-kilogram bales generate high profits and can then be recycled and reused.”

Thomas says machines made by Strautmann enjoy their reputation. The presses are of high quality, easy to operate and durable.

“Quality and functionality are important. With Strautmann machines, that’s exactly what I get. Since using the AutoLoadBaler, employees have had more time for important tasks,” he says.

Eric says the partnership with CEMAC technologies enables Australian and New Zealand customers to have access and full support of the technologies.

He sees Strautmann balers benefitting supermarket, retail or distribution centres that handle cardboard, helping save labour costs and improving working conditions.

The user-friendly interface and automatic operation require minimal training, which means large businesses with high staff numbers and rotating shifts can continue to operate the machine safely and efficiently with little supervision.

CEMAC technologies will have suitable stock levels to meet the expected growing market demand. As with all CEMAC technologies machinery, training and after sales service, as well as spare parts, is available.

A cart being filled on the shop floor, no pre-crushing needed.

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